Mission Statement

Today’s Women International Network (TWIN) is a regional-based local non-governmental organization, seeking to protect and empower women and children in the West African Sub-Region (Liberia, Sierra and Guinea).

TWIN’s vision is for women and children to live freely in peace in respect of their rights and dignity in the Mano River Basin.

The mission to achieve this vision is to design and implement programs that will help eradicate poverty, curtail all forms of violence and impunity against women and children and making them self-reliance.


The planed goals of TWIN are:

  • To provide education and protection of human rights.
  • To provide post-conflict development programs including emergency and resettlement assistance.
  • To provide marketable/vocational skills training and income generating activities for sustainable development.
  • To provide behavior-change communication activities for individuals and community members on STIs and HIV/AIDS interconnection with GBV issues.
  • To provide counseling and psychosocial activities for women and children to cope with their past experiences for social reintegration.
  • To engage women in the West African Sub-Region to get involve in the planning, decision-making, management and implementation of projects in finding durable solutions of problems facing them.
  • To expand men’s participation in the provision of Reproductive Health/life skills training activities for women.
  • To protect and educate at risk children and adolescents.
  • To secure sufficient funding for all aspects of TWIN’s work.
  • To build a viable and effective Network for Women’s freedom and empowerment, as well as working with other organizations committed to promoting and protecting women’s rights.

To network with governments to curtail violence and impunity against women and children.